The end of chapter one.

I am in the middle of a home-brew campaign using the pathfinder rules, in a setting I have been creating. I have taken a different philosophy and approach in writing my stories then I did in the past. I have had the first chapter main points planned out from the beginning, but the adventures and dungeons have not been. The heroes are getting dragged from one adventure to the next all taking place in wilderness and dungeons. The heroes have had very little time, actually no time to visit towns and stock up on supplies, weapons, beer, or wondrous magical items of unfathomable power. In fact I have given them no gold so far in their travels and very few items. It has been interesting at best and as we come to the end of the first chapter of the campaign tonight. I am considering continuing this approach as we continue.

The heroes innately set out to seek adventure and fortune but quickly get pulled into events out of their control. They are truly just trying to survive, and maybe save the world while they are at it. I plan to take the players to as high a level as we can go so I have not written and end to this story nor do I plan to. I have been putting them in dungeons I want to write, and transitioning to different biomes that I want to write dungeons in. Currently they have only seen jungle and mountain foothills, but who knows what the future will bring. Currently they are placed inside a magical tower; the Key Tower that aligns with other smaller towers along the major mountain rift through the middle of the world. These towers hold the material plane together, and prevent the other planes of existence from flooding into the world through this mountain rift. The planes would tear apart this world creating something entirely new. The Arch Mage has slowly been breaking apart the chains that bind the tower to the other planes and the heroes know they cannot stop him but are doing their best to prevent wide spread destruction. Tonight will tell what the fate of the world will be and the shape of their next adventure.

In a few days I will post a recap of the first chapter of the campaign. I will keep it as true to events as I can, since we have been playing this campaign for over a year, but have not played frequently till a little over four months ago. Notes have been misplaced and NPC names were changed to protect the innocent. Many exciting things have happened and I hope continue to happen. In the future I will be updating events and publishing the heroes’ stories as we go.

Dice will be rolled!

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One Response to The end of chapter one.

  1. Nathan Hancock says:

    This campaign sounds damn interesting… I like where you’re going with the tower/Arch Mage idea. It reminds me of a game I played on Xbox360 called Infinite Undiscovery, in which the main characters are the ones responsible for breaking the chains binding their world to another world, which would cause their world to be destroyed.

    I’m jealous I can’t play with you guys. Have lots of fun for me!!

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