Campaign write up part one chapter one.

Part one of my chapter one campaign write up. This had to be broken up into three parts to cut down on my editing. The setting used is my own campaign setting that still does not have a name. This is a quick overview of the adventures and campaign thus far, without going into too much detail on every encounter. Those may happen with some time down the road. Tell me in the comments if you would prefer more play by play action of the campagin and adventures. For this chapter write up they will continue to be as below, but in the future I plan to write down the adventures as they happen. This is more to help the reader get up to speed for when the campaign continues onward to Chapter II.

The lowly travelers enter a small town in a strange land. Walking past a wooden sign by the cracked and ruined but still in use city gate, they have entered the town of Tharnwood. Seeking their own travels and own adventures the heroes were set on a path that could pull them in a direction ending in destruction of their plane of existence.

Tharnwood as a city functions more as a stopping point for travelers, a rest stop of sorts. It serves as a resupply point for travelers, adventures, and traders before they journeyed into the Tharnwood Jungle to trade with the indigenous or continued on their way to the Key Towers that lined the mountain range. From the Key Towers travelers could seek magical transportation to travel over the mountain rift of the elemental planes.

Travel, adventure, fortune, godly quests brought our adventures together in Tharnwood. A Monk, two Clerics, and a Bard would encounter each other for the first time when they were spotted to be adventures at the gates and sent directly to the mayor by his request. The Mayor a stout man hardened by living on the edge of normal civilization needed a particular jewel artifact retrieved that was stolen from him by a man passing through Tharnwood. This item is important to the stability of the region, and directly related to how the Key Towers ability to keep the planes from overwhelming the physical plane, or so the adventurers were told. The mayor had sent other groups to retrieve this item but they had all failed to return. It was important to the stability of the region that this item was recovered; the world would change forever if it was not brought back quickly.

The heroes set out, and within a few days they enter dense jungle. They are able to follow expedition trails and paths that travelers take to reach the towers. Within a few days they notice what looks to be a collapsing ruined temple. The temple has slowly been slipping deeper into the jungle terrarium as time has slipped it by. The heroes see what looks to be a fresh trail leading to the temple and decide to check it out. They search for a few hours looking for an entrance. Eventually they stumble upon a mud slope that has booted tracks leading down and into the temple. They quickly discover this temple is inhabited by friendly lizardfolk, which quickly become unfriendly with all of the fighting and killing happening in their temple.

In the temple they encounter more than just angry lizardfolk. They also encounter other adventures that are attempting to find the thief of the artifact, and are attempting to end the heroes’ adventure as quickly as it began. Eventually they deduce that the other adventurers were sent by the Arch Mage of the Key Tower to retrieve the artifact for his own nefarious purposes.

Still believing their path was true the heroes continue on till they reach the top of the temple. There they discover a gateway to another plane. Waywardly entering the portal they discover they have been warped to a plane of hell. Immediately they encounter a greater demon facing down what looks to be a lawful good paladin. When they step in to help what seems to be a hopeless battle the paladin lifts a gemstone and strikes down the demon.

They help tend to the paladin wounds and share in his good fortune of striking down the demon. They also learn of the paladins mission and his history with the mayor of Tharnwood. He was passing through Tharnwood on his way to the Key Towers, somehow the mayor learned of the artifact the paladin was carrying and learned what it could do. Which was separate the chains that bind the planes to the Key Towers, he wanted it for himself. The paladin has been chased by the mayors henchmen ever since.

The heroes decide to assist the paladin in his quest; they quickly go back through the portal they once came. They do not appear back at the temple as expected but somewhere deeper in the jungle at night. This becomes their first encounter with the Mages of the Key Tower as they quickly wisp away the paladin not allowing the group to act. They are now left in an unknown part of dense jungle questioning the quest they have been sent on.

coming next part two chapter one.

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