City of the Spider Queen primer.

On Sunday my group and I took a break from our Pathfinder campaign, we decided to fill the gap with City of the Spider Queen (CotSQ).

All hail Lolth the spider queen!

This module came out back in 2002 from Wizards of the Coast and was designed with D&D 3.5 in mind. I bought this adventure module when it came out but, I only got to play it for one night as a player and the DM decided to run it somewhere in the middle. Needless to say this will truly be my first dive into CotSQ. My players have been looking forward to it for weeks after I announced it will be our filler to break up pace for the campaign.

We decided to use the Pathfinder rules as our core book for any rules referencing, spells, experience, gold, treasure, and everything else. All of the players will be generating the base of their character with the Pathfinder rules but, I am allowing the use of supplements from older 3.5 books within the game. As to how this will play out we will see in the coming games. I am already expecting a need for a few tweaks here and there. Luckily only two of the four players have elected to use 3.5 as their primary for character selection; this and one of the players is a mix of 3.5 monster manual and Pathfinder. I am slowly going through the module and making fixes where fixes need to be made, such as changing up skill points, re-evaluating spells, and adjusting experience points. I have not had a heck of a lot of time to really go through with a fine tooth comb to fix any changes, so most changes are going to be on the fly as we play through.

Now let me introduce the players:

Jon, Felicia, and a bottle of toilet cleaner.

Jon, he is going to be playing the Dwarf Warshaper, Parsnip Cannonbeard (you will notice a theme soon). I do not know much about this class other than it is broken and I hate it. In all honesty though this character regenerates health points by the second and it is also uses the Druid class as its base.

Felecia, she is playing Kogah the Minotaur splitting her levels between Minotaur from 3.5 monster manual, and Barbarian. She hits hard and fast and is the ideal person to use the dominate person spell on. Kogah has very low intellect.

Toliet cleaner, is a +1 weapon of dry erase destruction. He is awesome because the DM stupidly put dry erase marker on a wet erase board last time they played and needed to clean it off.

Trevor and Matthew

Trevor, is playing the Dwarven Defender, Kale Cannonbeard (seeing the theme yet). He is hard to hit with a swimming pool of hit points. Look out for his +1 move silently check. I can already tell he is going to cause some problems. He also has leadership and a few followers from what I understand.

Matthew, is playing the Dwarven Ranger, Turnip Cannonbeard (now it is plain as day!). He makes up the last of the Cannonbeard brothers. Look out for his repeater crossbows. Honestly that is about all I know about this character.

The group has already set out on the adventure excepting a measly 5,000 gold pieces to investigate some crypts that a baron thinks some Drow raids are coming from. They woke a vampire in their first room! I can already tell this will be a fun break from our campaign.

Look for more CotSQ in the coming weeks. Follow me on Twitter (Toastix) to receive announcements on my next post. I am continue my chapter one campaign write up, but slimming it down is taking longer than expected and I am trying to find ways to spice it up, expect more updates soon!

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One Response to City of the Spider Queen primer.

  1. RathKoron says:

    The biggest thing to watch with this module is that it was actually written under 3.0 rules. This can be unbalanced/difficult to re-balance because it uses a lot of spellcasters which rely on the spell Haste. Normally this isn’t a problem, but under 3.0 rules the Haste spell gives the user 2 standard actions a turn which means 2 spells a turn for the price of one.

    There’s 2 ways to handle this, #1 make it available to players under the 3.0 ruleset or #2 change the tactics of the various mages so that they always have their full power-up suite running when the players encounter them.

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