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City of the Spider Queen primer.

On Sunday my group and I took a break from our Pathfinder campaign, we decided to fill the gap with City of the Spider Queen (CotSQ). This module came out back in 2002 from Wizards of the Coast and was … Continue reading

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My dungeon creation process.

While I am hard at work on my current campaigns chapter one recap write-up, where my group still has one room to go. I figured I would talk a little bit about writing dungeons and adventures; At-least the process I have … Continue reading

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The bumpy road to the dungeon.

I have had extensive experience Dungeon Mastering for various table top role-playing games (RPG). I still distinctly remember being around the age of 14 or 15 and going halfsies with a friend on the d20 StarCraft RPG that was put … Continue reading

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The realness of historical war gaming.

First blog post! I have been sitting around for a few days contemplating on what to write for my first blog post. Sadly this first post has nothing to do with my blogs name sake. It instead has to do … Continue reading

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